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Amal GP Type carburettor, rear

GP Type

Amal matchbox remote reservoir

Originally the GP carburettor was intended for track use, but it also found its way on to a few BSA production bikes for road use as standard equipment. The Amal GP carburettor has only recently become available, in a 1&1/2" size only. They are supplied with a "matchbox" type remote reservoir (shown).

The table below shows some of the original application details for your reference.

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The information given below is intended as a guide only, final settings required may vary due to local fuels etc.
BSA Part Number Size Main Jet Pilot Jet Slide No. Needle Pos. Needle Jet
B34GS Clubmans 1956-60 316/394 1&1/2" 350 N/A 4 3 109
B34GS Clubmans 1961-63 316/394 1$1/2" 350 25 4 3 109