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Twin 35mm Keihin Flat-Slide Carb Kit, Norton Commando

If you are looking for a carburettor kit that will take advantage of the torque and power in the Commando this is it. The above kit will deliver all the fuel and air that you will need to run your bike to its fullest. It will bolt on any year Commando and everything is included to make it a very easy installation. It's a tight fit but enough clearance to allow for some engine vibration without making contact with the frame. There is no choke on the carb but the accelerator pump makes it an easy starting system. The two carbs are bolted together so that you do not have to worry about synchronising. On some tanks the right side fuel tap will be close to the throttle linkage. This kit was designed for a performance engine and even though you will feel an improvement on a stock engine it really shines if you have some work done to your engine that demands more fuel and air such as a performance camshaft, head work etc.

- Set up your performance engine with a state of the art carburetor kit
- Keihin FCR 35mm flat slides with rollers to ensure smooth operation
- Accelerator pump
- These carbs are bolted together and use a common linkage for operating
- Rubber adaptors compatible with alcohol modified fuels
- Stainless hardware
- Push/Pull throttle with cable
- K&N Air cleaners
- Bead blasted alloy intakes
- Billet spigots
- Fuel lines with t's and fuel filters
- This kit is complete with everything you need from the intake and back to the air cleaners


NZ$1927.17 US$1280.41 AU$1629.71 €1040.86 ¥153352.18 UK£819.88 .

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