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Fully Sealed Maintenance Free 21AH Battery to fit Triumph Trident T160 electric start.

Utilising the latest AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology, can have up to 20% more cranking power than conventional batteries. 4 terminal Quadflex design allows fitting in different positions and perfect fit for most 12 volt British motorcycle applications. Cannot spill even if broken because they contain no acid. Very low self discharge so won't go flat when not in use.

This battery replaces the standard B16 and 20 series of batteries and comes complete with fitting spacers to suit your battery box. Supplied charged and ready to go.

Code: YB16MF   Description: BATTERY,12V,21AH,SEALED AGM

NZ$156.42 US$103.93 AU$132.28 €84.48 ¥12446.93 UK£66.55 .

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