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Don't Panic - Change can be a good thing...

Okay, it may look different, but the basic functionality is all still here
Once you've used it a few times, you'll be fine.

The old Search & Order box is now at the top of every page (above the old tin shed...)
so no matter where you are on the site you can access your cart, search for more stuff,
and complete your order.

Enter genuine part numbers for Norton, Triumph and BSA motorcycles.
We employ the same part number system BSA & Triumph adopted in the late sixties.
ie. 2 digits, a dash, then 4 more digits, e.g. 71-2790.We use a plain dash between part number fields.

If you don't see what you want, try using the last four digits only and then go by description.

If using description only, use part words as our descriptions are abridged by necessity.
e.g. nor dom muf to locate a Norton Dominator muffler

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